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Q: Will my dog be in the pool by themselves?

A: No a therapist will be in the pool with your dog. They will be the only dog in the water. LBH only swim one dog at a time. Each dog is important and deserves the therapist’s individual time and a space they are comfortable in.

Q: Do I need to bring towels?

A: Yes, please bring a towel. It is also a good idea to bring a dog coat in chillier weather.

Q: Do I need a veterinary referral?

A: Yes. No dog can use the pool without one. Only vets can legally give a diagnosis to a condition. To give an individual programme the therapist needs to know the condition, how it is being treated, any other conditions or medications and to have vet approval that the dog is fit enough to swim. A vet form is available on the website.

Q: My session is for half an hour but my dog only swam for a few minutes?

A: The dog will need to get used to the pool and the exercise over several weeks. Hydrotherapy is not about how long but how carefully the hydrotherapist is building and strengthening the soft tissue, over exercising in the early stages can have a reverse effect. It is important to have monitored rest times in the water between each period of exercise.

Q: Should I feed or exercise my dog before their session?

A: Definitely not. You should not feed your dog for 2-3 hours before a session or for at least an hour afterwards.

Q: What happens if my dog has a poo in the pool?

A: It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure their dog has a wee and poo before they enter the pool. There is a grass area in front of the barn where they can relieve themselves. Please make sure to pick up afterwards. Any accidents in the pool resulting in closing the pool will incur an extra charge of £60.

Q: Will the chemicals in the pool affect my dog’s skin or coat?

A: No, this should not happen. The pool water is tested daily to keep it balanced and clean. The dog will also have a warm shower after its swim.

Q: Can I bring a bitch in season?

A: Sorry, no. It is not fair on other users.

Q: What happens if I am late for my session?

A: If another dog is booked in after you, your session will be shorter.

Q: Why can’t more than one dog swim at the same time for fun sessions.

A: All sessions whether they are for fun or for hydrotherapy are important to us. The therapist can only safely watch one dog at a time. Your dog is important and deserves individual time.

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